RS-Q’s “why”, and why you should have a “purpose” too

Simon Sinek said it most concisely with his concept of the Golden Circle: the best way to inspire action as a leader is to start with “why”. This works very well as a framework for businesses. Why should consumers engage with your product? Why should your stakeholders align with your activity? Why should your teams come to work and do the best they can, every day?

Organisations that start with “why” define a clear purpose and vision before anything else.

RS-Q’s purpose and vision

RS-Q aims to inspire organisations and their employees, and guide them to sustainable excellence — to make them happy, successful, innovative, agile and sustainable today and in the future. 


Credo: Evaluate, Learn to Learn, Transform and Grow.

Why? Because RS-Q’s founder has seen, time and time again, that quality matters.
It is what propels organisations further and ultimately defines their success.

Now you: why should you care?

Defining a purpose and a vision are often the first steps to establishing a company. But even if your organisation has been around for decades, a clearly delineated “why” will benefit you. It will help to:

  • engage, motivate and align your people and stakeholders
  • prove your added value to your customers and your ecosystem
  • crystallise your organisation’s short-term and long-term goals
  • evaluate your current course and adapt as necessary

Need help defining your “why”?