Performance improvement and Responsible Social Entrepreneurship

Many organisations struggle to measure business performance, let alone improve performance in a meaningful, sustainable way. Can you define what success looks like for your organisation? Do you know how to attain it?

RS-Q takes the guesswork out of performance improvement using the internationally renowned EFQM Excellence Model. This is a framework for the assessment of organisational excellence, and a jumping-off point for the changes and innovations that will move your company forward.

The VN Global Compact (2000) and the  Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations are integrated in the new EFQM Model. These 17  Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. Learn more and get inspired to take action.

Want to set the bar high for performance within your organisation? Consider signing up for an EFQM training. As an official EFQM advisor and trainer, RS-Q can help you achieve your goal

The EFQM Excellence Model: your roadmap to sustainable excellence

The EFQM Excellence Model is Europe’s leading management framework. Organisations of any size, sector or industry use this model to assess their current level of excellence and chart a road to improvement.

Why does the EFQM Model work so well?

  • It is thorough and holistic, allowing your organisation to gain insight into its leadership, business strategy, people management, partnerships, resources and business processes.
  • It puts your organisation within a larger ecosystem and sheds light on the relationships the organisation has with all of its stakeholders.
  • Starting from a clear purpose and mission, it helps your organisation to take an objective look at its own practices and results and understand its key strengths and areas for improvement.

Management consulting with the Excellence Model

The holistic approach outlined in the EFQM Model is your opportunity to identify precisely how your organisation is doing right now. Because just like a good GPS, you need to find where you are now before you can find out how to move forward. The EFQM Model offers its own RADAR for the assessment of your management framework. RS-Q guides you through the process and helps you identify your next steps.

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Blended learning

Want to find out where your organisation stands on the road to excellence? EFQM Training is an important step to build knowledge, insights for improvement and to invest in your most precious resource, your people.

Centred around the principles of the EFQM Model, EFQM Training shows you how the Model can benefit your organisation and how you can use it to overcome current and future challenges. You will learn how to:

With RS-Q as your mentor and trainer, take the first steps into your EFQM education:

  • EFQM Foundation: (1 day). This essential course is a pre-requisite for anyone who wants to find out about the EFQM Model. Discover how the Model works and how its RADAR method can benefit your organisation.
  • EFQM Organizational Change Leader: (4 days) This essential course is suitable for leaders of change projects, consultants and managers who want to improve their organisation by using the EFQM Model to support the desired change. This training is a blended learning programme which includes a series of 4 half-day modules delivered online in a virtual classroom, supported by individual reading, videos, project work and assignments. The total learning time is approximately 4 days spread over one month.

All of these courses are taught in-house as well by certified EFQM trainer Ronny Schepmans .






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